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zachary weiss

software engineer


i'm zachary weiss, a (sorta**) graduate from the university of michigan. go blue! currently, i'm taking some time off in between when my classes wrapped up (december 2023) and i begin working full time as a swe in summer 2024. my plans for this time off are to read some sci-fi novels (currently reading dark matter by blake crouch), work on fun projects that i've been putting off (like this website), travel asia for ~ 1 month (see photos from my travels here or on my instagram blog), and become a bartender.

i've interned for 3 summers at google as a step and swe intern in their google news, google maps, and google cloud divisions. i have a particular interest in working on challenging problems involving large-scale infrastructure. for more info about my experiences working at google, check out my experience page

**i'm a sorta graduate because i've fulfilled all my graduation requirements (and taking no additional classes), as of dec 2023, but i'm not graduating u of m until may 2024!